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Cop Tackles Unarmed Man, Places Him on His Back, and Shoots Him in the Back of the Head

On April 4, an unidentified officer with the Grand Rapids police department performed a traffic stop on Patrick Lyoya, 26, a Congolese refugee. Lyoya would die moments later from a gunshot wound to the back of his skull — placed there by the police officer — for committing a minor traffic infraction. Lyoya's death exemplifies how the system discriminates against the poor and minorities via exorbitant traffic fines and penalties for non-compliance. Lyoya's licence was suspended, and he was well aware that the officer who pulled him over that day would almost certainly arrest him for it. As a result, he attempted to flee. Lyoya was not permitted to go since it is a police officer's duty to abduct and imprison individuals for victimless offences such as suspended licences. Rather than that, the police increased the officer's aggression toward the unarmed, non-violent individual. The nightmare for Lyoya's two children and his parents began that tragic day, and they were