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British Policemen taser on a Nigerian man's wife.......

British policemen at Heathrow Airport used a taser on a Nigerian man's wife....... Subscribe to more videos: Check out my Fiverr link: Source: . . . . . . .  #heraldtv #viralvideo #policebrutality

Please make sure PC Kevin Rawley gets taken off the streets of London!

Yes we have them too in the UK! Some few bad eggs that want to give the metropolitan police London a bad name! That boy was already in cuffs and he still proceeded to hit him with his baton. From this video I couldn’t see the boy resisting any arrest! I heard that PC then say someone call 911! Was the normal procedure for a PC in plainclothes not to have radio for backup first or in other words call in a van to pick up the suspect?!! He decided to react right after he noticed the reaction of the public to his dumb action! Subcribe to my channel: Source: