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High Level Cop Arrested For Using City Network, Google To Run Child Porn Ring While On Duty

The taxpayers of Dallas, Texas may additionally need to request money back this week after finding out that they have been deciding to buy a pedophile to distribute child porn to different disgusting pedophiles online. Consistent with federal court docket documents, Sr. Cpl. Daniel Lee Collins allegedly uploaded sexual pictures of underage women to various Google bills the use of the city of Dallas internet community, in line with the branch of Justice. According to the federal criminal grievance, Collins, a 35-yr-vintage senior corporal assigned to Dallas Police department's automobile robbery Unit, changed into charged thru criminal grievance with transportation of toddler pornography. Google flagged the photos - as soon as uploaded on may additionally thirteen to an account tagged "Dan Collins" and  extra uploaded on June 29 to an account tagged "John Smith." In an interview with federal dealers, Collins allegedly admitted to accessing the Google a

Cop Admits to Running Sophisticated Child Porn Network Using Mobile Apps

Sgt. James Robert Wissmann IV, 35, of the Baltimore Police department has been collecting a six-parent annual revenue through the years, on the taxpayer's dime, all the whilst he's been walking a complicated infant porn community. Wissmann was given on the child molester radar in 2017 whilst the administrators of a cellular app noticed he become using their chat rooms to distribute videos and snapshots of exploited prepubescent kids. Prosecutors say this ill monster - who called himself a public servant - continued to create new debts, the use of faux names and e-mail addresses, and persevered to percentage toddler porn. Wissmann confessed to waging a problematic and complicated marketing campaign to recreation the device so he should run his child porn community. "The Baltimore Police department became informed that Sgt. James Wissmann pleads guilty today to prison toddler pornography prices. Sgt. Wissmann became arrested and his police powers were suspended on