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Cops Attack Innocent Disabled Man, Ripping Off His Prosthetic Leg

Waverly Lucas, 48, had done no crime, hurt no one, and was only trying to enter inside a convenience store on the day he was assaulted, according to his attorney. Innocence in the land of the free, however, is no protection against police aggression, as users of the PBWW Channel website know.

Lucas is now suing Suffolk County after Suffolk's finest left him with a shattered orbital bone, clouded eyesight, a broken wrist, and serious mental damage.

"What occurred in Waverly is a microcosm of what occurs every day in melanated and brown neighbourhoods at the hands of the police," Lucas' Melville attorney Heather Palmore said.

Despite announcing an internal inquiry into the event, police have declined to provide any further information regarding the stop. The cops, according to Lucas, wrongly accused him of urinating in public. Because he was not charged with anything linked to urinating in public, we know this is also incorrect.

The cops asked Lucas' identification after erroneously accusing him of urinating in public, according to the complaint. One of the policemen came in for the kill and started choking Lucas when he refused to reveal it.

A portion of this exchange was recorded on video. Lucas was then detained and carried to the police vehicle, where his leg was wrenched from his body and he was pushed inside. Four patrol vehicles had come into the store parking lot by the time the incident was done.

The notice of claim said, "Not only was Mr. Lucas purposely elbowed in the right eye by one of the policemen, shattering his right orbital, but Mr. Lucas' prosthetic limb was forcibly pulled off and tossed into the trunk of the police car."

According to NBC New York, the anguish was equal to the humiliation.

"It's like someone pulling off your flesh to take it off," Lucas remarked of his prosthetic limb. "It's almost as if it's stuck to my flesh."

According to the complaint, after Lucas was in the back of the police cruiser, officers made up accusations. He was charged with drugs possession despite the fact that he possessed a valid prescription.

Lucas takes the medicines for discomfort connected to his missing limb, according to Palmore.

Lucas was transported to the hospital after his arrest, but he rejected treatment. When he was ultimately apprehended and sent to prison, he was given a ticket and released. His automobile was also confiscated, and he was compelled to pay $800 to get it released. He returned to the hospital after being freed from prison, where he was treated for a fractured orbital and a broken wrist.

After the Aug. 18 confrontation, Lucas now faces charges of criminal possession of a controlled narcotic, resisting arrest, and obstruction. He has pled not guilty and is appearing in court on February 24.

While crime is widespread in New York, consider how police can commit so many resources to forcibly arrest a one-legged guy who had done no damage to anybody while viewing the video below.

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