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On responsibility Cop Stole Fentanyl from proof, Overdosed while driving, triggered Multi-automobile Crash

  In case you’ve been completely  in the  dark for the last decade, you’ve likely noticed that U . S.  is currently  in the  midst of an opioid crisis. This crisis knows no demographic, no race, no gender, no  ordinance , and no occupation—it hits  all of them . One example portrays this notion like no other  which  is when cops get caught using opioids like fentanyl.  town   investigator , Thomas Dwayne Reif, 27, became  the most recent  example after overdosing on fentanyl while on duty. Last month, Reif was on duty and in his official  auto  when he fell unconscious after overdosing and caused multiple vehicles in  town . He had reportedly overdosed on the fentanyl which  he's  accused of stealing out of the evidence room. State police, who are investigating the crash said that Reif “unlawfully obtained and used drug evidence from an unrelated case” before crashing his assigned  cruiser . He has since been hit with a slew of charges including DUI, Reckless Driving, Recklessly En