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Debatable COVID-19 information Scientist’s domestic Raided, guns at Pointed own family, computer systems Seized

Earlier this year in May, Rebekah Jones,  the information  scientist working for Florida, who put together that state’s COVID-19 database, made national headlines when she was fired by the state over a disagreement in reporting the numbers. Jones says she was fired for refusing  to control  data that showed  the next  number of deaths while the state claimed she was fired for insubordination. Fast-forward  to the present  month, and what started as a firing ended with armed agents of the state allegedly pointing guns at  a complete  family, during a raid on their Florida home. After she was fired in May, Jones made  the subsequent  claim: I was asked by DOH leadership to manually change numbers. This was  every week  before the reopening plan officially  set out  into phase one.  i used to be  asked  to try and do  the analysis and present the findings about which counties met  the factors  for reopening.  the standards  followed more or less the White House panel’s recommendations, bu