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‘Being naked Does no longer get rid of a hazard’: Police Killing of Unarmed naked trainer, Justified

 The family of Marcus-David L. Peters—honors graduate and highschool science teacher—is grieving another time this month after the Richmond policeman who shot and killed him while he was naked and unarmed in 2018 was ruled justified in his actions — again.

The AP reports that the finding by Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin mirrors an earlier finding by her predecessor, former Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring. McEachin said in a very 10-page report released Friday that the officer’s use of deadly force on Marcus-David Peters was a “reasonable response” to the danger posed by Peters.

According to reports, the shooting happened along I-95 in Richmond after Peters lost control of his vehicle, sending it crashing into the trees. Police say that Peters then exited the vehicle, entirely naked, and started running into then rolling around on or near the interstate. it had been all captured on the officer’s body camera.

Police say that Peters had previously struck another vehicle before crashing then fled the scene. After a quick chase, he crashed so ran naked up the northbound lane of I-95. Police claim Peters then charged a political candidate who had no other choice but to resort to deadly force against the naked and unarmed man who ‘charged the officer.’

“Peters emerged from his disabled vehicle and suddenly met the northbound lanes of I-95,” Richmond Police spokesman Gene Lepley said. “He wasn't wearing any clothes… [we’re trying to work out] why he didn’t have any clothes on.”

Police claim the officer first deployed the taser which proved to be ineffective, that the officer then shot the teacher, who later died at an area hospital.

“Our officer attempted to use a taser on the person and it failed,” Lepley said.

“The attack continued and therefore the officer drew his service weapon and discharged it striking that man.”

Three months after Peters’ death, the department cleared the officer involved.

At the urging of Peters’ family and police reform advocates, McEachin agreed to review the case, and this month, she reached the same conclusion, finding that “the officer’s ultimate decision to use lethal force was an inexpensive response to the upcoming danger presented to himself and also the public by Mr. Peters’ continued violent behavior thanks to his mental deterioration.”

A ‘safety analyst’ for the local news channel originally reached an analogous conclusion and went on to justify the employment of force.

“An unarmed person doesn't necessarily mean that you just can not be killed by an unarmed person,” NBC 12 safety analyst Mike Jones said. “I’ve seen cases where officers are strangled with the bare hands of a suspect.”

The rationalism Project explores instances within which unarmed suspects have strangled on-duty law enforcement officials to death, although we couldn't find any.

The policeman echoed the claims of the protection analyst, noting that being naked doesn’t mean that an individual can’t kill you.

“We are all deeply tormented by what happened here – by the loss of life,” Richmond captain Alfred Durham said during a statement released by Richmond Police. “Our officers don't take the utilization of deadly force lightly. I feel it’s important to recollect that being naked doesn't remove a threat. So far, the eyewitness accounts we’ve heard are consistent: our officer tried using verbal commands, then used non-lethal force first by deploying his Taser before using his service weapon.”

While it's indeed possible for an unarmed naked man to pose a threat to an untrained individual, the thought that a trained officer couldn’t determine differently to suppress this threat without killing Peters is disturbing.

Indeed, as reported, DeKalb County law officer Robert Olsen in Georgia shot and killed an unarmed naked man under very similar circumstances—and he was charged and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

According to Barbara Peters, her son grew up in Middlesex County and graduated worthy of Middlesex high school in 2011. His school selected him to be the speaker at graduation and he was even featured during a special on the local news.

“Each and each one in every one of you has something special to supply the globe,” Peters said during his speech, in line with the reports. “You have your own unique gift. We are all assets to society.”

He went on: “The trying times of life will only make us strong individuals. Nothing during this life that has value goes to return easy.”

According to Richmond-Dispatch, Peters went on to attend VCU, graduating in 2016 with a biology degree and worthy honors; he also minored in Spanish, psychology, and chemistry. While at VCU, he attended the school’s Honors College, served as a resident assistant, and volunteered in doctor’s offices, the family said.

“His pursuit for a career as a trauma surgeon would unknowingly take a detour as he discovered his passion for education,” the family said in a very statement.

Before being killed by police, Peters was a teacher at Essex high school.

“The hopes for these additional lessons were to assist students to develop fundamental skills for overall success,” Peters’ family said. “He would often say, ‘The students just have to know that somebody cares about them and wish a task model to seem up to.’ He tried his perfect to try to do just that.”

Peters was obviously in some style of mental distress, whether it absolutely was drug-related or health-related was unclear. what's clear, however, is that police were unable to resolve a situation involving an unadorned unarmed man—without killing him—and society has lost a tremendous person thanks to it.

“Marcus wasn't violent toward anyone. He ran to the highway. He wasn't violent to anybody. He was in his own world,” Peters’ sister, Princess Blanding, said.

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