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How GPT-3 Can Help Create AI-Generated Tools to End Systemic Police Brutality

 The recent resurgence of the Melanin Lives Matter movement in the United States has highlighted the systemic and institutional racism that continues to plague the American criminal justice system, particularly in the form of police brutality. This has put a spotlight on the need for significant reform in order to end systemic police brutality and ensure that all people are treated equally regardless of their race or other aspects of their identity. One potential solution for this problem is to use AI-generated tools created with the help of the GPT-3 technology. GPT-3 is an advanced form of natural language processing, or NLP, which can be used to generate realistic and accurate text from raw inputs. This technology has been used in a variety of applications, from language translation to generating marketing copy, but it could also be used to create AI-generated tools that could help to end systemic police brutality. For instance, GPT-3 could be used to generate a system that would mo