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1 rotten apple? Union Votes to Fire Cop who Exposed Torture and Death of Handcuffed Man

Cops who expose departmental misconduct and work to avoid violence often find themselves on the receiving end of this judicial system, condemned for doing the right thing. This retribution against officers for revealing corruption inside their units refutes the "one bad apple" idea totally. Is it "one rotten apple" if a whole department tries to snub an officer for doing the right thing?

Police in Joliet Sgt. Javier Esqueda is an excellent officer. We can say this with confidence since he demonstrated it by refusing to remain quiet about suspected illegal activities committed by his fellow officers and risking his job and now his freedom in order to shed light on the matter. He thought enough was enough after seeing a video of his fellow police seem to choke a guy who ultimately died. His other cops restrained Eric Lurry while he was handcuffed, suffocated him, struck him, and jammed a baton into his mouth moments before he died.

Esqueda was detained and then indicted and charged with four counts of official misconduct for allegedly watching a video of suspected criminal behaviour inside his own agency. He now risks up to 20 years in prison for doing the right thing.

Surely no one in Esqueda's department or union would condone such an act of barbarism, correct? Wrong. According to a storey in this week's USA Today, members of the Joliet Police Officers Association voted 35-1 to remove Esqueda on Wednesday.

That's correct; over 100% of the cops in Esqueda's union wanted him arrested and detained - just for doing the right thing. Is it a single rotten apple?

Esqueda told the newspaper that he feels the union's approach is another instance of peer retribution.

"They all wanted me accused, they all wanted me gone, and by doing so, they're gratifying themselves," Esqueda said of the union decision. "And do I really want to be linked with them after all that's happened?"

The complaint against this good cop alleges that on June 10, 2020, Esqueda "knowingly committed an act that he knew was prohibited by law in that he used the laptop in his Joliet Police Department squad car while not on duty to access the Joliet Police Department WatchGuard system in order to view a locked video file, and he did so while travelling through Kendall County in a motor vehicle." The preceding events happened in Kendall County, Illinois."

Al Roechner, the chief of police in Joliet, arranged the criminal charges against Esqueda after he brought humiliation to the department in July by leaking the video.

"What is most tragic about this is that Chief Roechner is sending a clear message to frontline officers that if they witness what they believe to be officer misconduct, they must keep their mouths shut and remain silent or face felony charges," Esqueda's attorney, Jeff Tomczak, told Patch at the time of the charges in May. He then prophesied that Esqueda would get a goldmine – from Joliet and Illinois taxpayers – as a consequence of a future federal lawsuit that Esqueda is now guaranteed to initiate against the city of Joliet and Chief Roechner's Joliet Police Department.

Because prosecutors in Esqueda's county were at a loss for charges against the officer, Tomczak claims the chief travelled to a nearby county in order to get a favour in arresting the excellent policeman.

"I also have no doubt that these accusations were shopped about and when Will County prosecutors rejected, as they should, they went shopping in Kendall County and found a prosecutor to bring these poor charges."

"I anticipate victory, and I anticipate that this case will conclude with a large, fat federal judgement against the city of Joliet and each officer charged," Tomczak promised Patch.

The fact that a cop who performed his job and exposed criminals in order to hold them responsible would later be jailed says much about the thin blue line's nature. When one examines the case Esqueda revealed, it is shocking to see how this is being concealed.

Eric Lurry was tortured by cops before he died in their hands.

On January 29, 2020, police arrested Lurry on suspicion of possessing a controlled drug.

According to CBS 2, Nicole Lurry said that her husband had just obtained his barber licence and was enrolled in school to become a barber school teacher. However, in late January, the 37-year-old – who had already spent time on narcotics offences – was arrested again.

When police caught Lurry, they placed him in the back of a squad vehicle and accused him of snorting cocaine. Because the state claims the right to abduct, confine, beat, and murder individuals for arbitrary reasons, Lurry was practically tortured when he was placed in the back of the automobile.

To coerce Lurry into spitting up the narcotics, officers taped his nose shut while thrusting a baton into his mouth and striking him. This torment lasted approximately two minutes, during which time Lurry became comatose and subsequently died.

Though the Will County coroner's office declared his death an accident caused by heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine intoxication, Esqueda and a large number of others who saw the video disagree.

"He was choking," Esqueda said. "Anyone, in my view, would perish in those scenario."

The agency withheld the footage for five months while clearing the officers involved. Nicole Lurry was unaware of the existence of the video until Esqueda blew the whistle after discovering it.

To compound the heinous crime of concealing such incriminating evidence, the audio was switched off after the police were seen slapping Lurry.

"It was almost as though the supervisor looked away and spoke to someone, and suddenly the voice stopped off. That alerted me to the possibility that they were attempting to dispose of evidence," Esqueda stated.

"So there was an intentional, first act to disable or eliminate the audio?" Last year, CBS 2 reporters questioned Sgt. Esqueda.

"At some point, there had to be. That is not possible," he said.

If all officers have this commitment, America would be in a far better position than it now is.

Unfortunately, corruption and brutality are the norms, and the officers responsible for Lurry's killing remain at large, while the cop who uncovered his death faces a 20-year jail sentence.

The whole senior management of the Joliet Police Department, the Will-Grundy Major Crimes Task Force, Coroner Patrick O'Neil, and State's Attorney James Glasgow all remained quiet regarding Lurry's death, illuminating a systematic and corrupt code of silence.

And today, the only person facing charges in connection with Lurry's death is the one who uncovered it. Is this fair?

Courageous Cop Arrested for Exposing officers Suffocating guy, Shoving Baton in His Mouth till He Died

 Joliet police Sgt. Javier Esqueda could be a good cop. we are able to say this with certainty because he proved it by refusing to remain silent about the alleged criminal acts of his fellow cops and risked his career to shine light into darkness. He watched a video of his fellow officers appear to suffocate a person until he died and decided that enough was enough.

For exposing the crimes of his fellow cops, Esqueda was arrested in the week and charged with official misconduct for the “crime” of exposing criminal activity within his own department.

The complaint states that on June 10, Esqueda “knowingly performed an act with (sic) he knew to be forbidden by law to perform therein he used the laptop in his Joliet department of local government car while not on duty to access the Joliet department of local government WatchGuard system to look at a video file which was locked and he did so while during an automobile which well-versed Kendall County. All of the foregoing occurred in Kendall County, Illinois.”

Joliet captain Al Roechner orchestrated criminal charges against Esqueda after he brought shame to the department in July for leaking the video.

“What is most sad about this can be that this can be a transparent message from Chief Roechner to the frontline officers that ought to they see actions they believe are misconduct by fellow officers, they have to keep their mouths shut and stay quiet or they're going to be charged with a felony,” Esqueda’s lawyer 
told Patch in the week. He then predicted that Esqueda will get a goldmine – from the taxpayers of Joliet and Illinois — as a result of a future federal lawsuit that Esqueda is now sure to file against the town of Joliet and also the Joliet local department of Chief Roechner, consistent with Patch.

Because prosecutors in Esqueda’s county had nothing on which to charge the officer Tomczak says the chief visited a neighboring county to hunt out favor in charging the nice cop.

“I even have little doubt in my mind that these charges were shopped around and can County prosecutors declined, as they mustin order that they went shopping in Kendall County and were able to find a prosecutor to file these bad charges.”

“I am anticipating winning and that I am anticipating this case ends with an enormous fat federal judgment against the town of Joliet and each officer involved in these charges,” Tomczak assured Joliet Patch.

The idea that a political candidate, who did his job and exposed criminals to carry them accountable, would subsequently be arrested for this heroic act, speaks to the character of the thing blue line. When examining the case Esqueda exposed, the actual fact that this can be being covered up is horrifying.

As reported, his name was Eric Lurry.

On January 29, police targeted Lurry because they suspected him of getting a substance deemed illegal by the state.

According to CBS 2, Nicole Lurry said her husband had just finished getting his license to be a barber and was enrolled at school to become a teacher at the barber school. But in late January, the 37-year-old – who had served time before for drugs – got arrested again.

When police arrested Lurry, they put him within the back of a machine and suspected him of putting drugs in his mouth. Because the state claims the correct to kidnap, cage beat, and kill people over arbitrary substances, when Lurry was put within the back of the car, he was essentially tortured.

In a shot to urge Lurry to spit out the drugs, police held his nose closed while shoving a baton in his mouth and slapping him. This torture went on for nearly two entire minutes until Lurry fell unconscious and eventually died.

“He was suffocating,” Sgt. Esqueda said. “In my opinion, anybody would suffocate in this situation.”

For five months, the department kept the video secret while clearing the cops involved. Nicole Lurry never knew of the video’s existence until Esqueda blew the whistle after he came upon it.

Adding to the egregious act of hiding such damning evidence is that the incontrovertible fact that the audio had been turned off after the officers were seen slapping Lurry.

“It was almost just like the supervisor looks off and says something to somebody, and so you hear the sound cut out. That’s what alerted me that possibly, they were trying to urge eliminate the evidence,” Esqueda said.

“So there was a deliberate, initial act to show off the audio or get obviate the audio?” CBS 2 reporters asked Sgt. Esqueda.

“There had to be. There’s no way which will happen,” he said.

If all cops had this resolve, America would be a far better place than where we currently find ourselves.

Surprisingly enough, Esqueda has the support of the Black law enforcement officials Association, which has about 30 officers and supervisors of all races.

“He’s a member, and we’re visiting back him,” said Dave Jackson, president of his department’s Black cops Association.

“If someone’s doing the proper thing, we’re visiting stand right there with them. Sgt. Esqueda has been held as a well-respected supervisor and U.S. Marine and has served his country and his community proudly,” Jackson added.

Jackson also called Esqueda “brave also as a hero” for coming forward.

“Without Sgt. Esqueda drawing attention to the current death to city officials, this in-custody death should be pending,” Jackson said, per Patch.

Esqueda told reporters that he leaked the video because he wanted to prove that not all cops are bad.

“In light of everything that’s’ been happening – you recognize George Floyd really had plenty folkscopsonce we saw that video, plenty of people cried. People don’t believe that. But the thing is, there are lots of excellent officers out of 750,000. nobody may be a bad cop. Most cops that I do know were upset by George Floyd,” he said.

Obviously, not all cops are bad people. However, if we glance at Esqueda’s case, all the officers involved in Lurry’s death, the supervisors, the chief, literally everyone but Esqueda was willing to seem the opposite way. this is able to imply that each one of the cops within the Joliet department of local government is bad — aside from Esqueda.

Even officials outside the department of local government whose “investigation” found that depriving Lurry of air for nearly two minutes played no role in his death.

The entire Joliet local department upper administration, Will-Grundy Major Crimes Task Force, Coroner Patrick O’Neil, and State’s Attorney James Glasgow all stayed silent about Lurry’s death, highlighting the systemic and corrupt code of silence.

And now, the sole man arrested in Lurry’s death is that the one who exposed it.

Brave Cop Suspended For Exposing officers Suffocating guy, Shoving Baton In His Mouth till He Died

Joliet police Sgt. Javier Esqueda is a superb cop.

He watched a video of his fellow officials seem to suffocate a person till he died and determined that enough was sufficient.

In a try and get Lurry to spit out the medicine, police held his nose closed whilst shoving a baton in his mouth and slapping him.

This torture went on for nearly two entire mins until Lurry fell subconscious and in the end died.

Nicole Lurry never knew of the video's life until Esqueda blew the whistle after he came throughout it.

Including to the egregious act of hiding such damning proof is the reality that the audio had been turned off after the officers were seen slapping Lurry.

Notably enough, Esqueda has the assist of the Black cops association, which incorporates about 30 officials and supervisors of all races.

"he is a member, and we are going to back him," said Dave Jackson, president of his branch's Black cops affiliation.

Esqueda informed reporters that he leaked the video due to the fact he desired to prove that now not all law enforcement officials are awful. "In mild of the whole lot it is' been happening -  George Floyd without a doubt had plenty of us, police officers. Whilst we noticed that video, a number of us cried. People don't believe that. However the component is, there are a number of correct officers out of 750,000. Not absolutely everyone is an awful cop. Most law enforcement officials that I realize had been disenchanted with the aid of George Floyd," he stated.

If we take a look at Esqueda's case, all of the officers concerned about Lurry's loss of life, the supervisors, the leader, literally every person but Esqueda was willing to look the alternative way.

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