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Disabled Veteran Sentenced to 5 Years for Using Legal Medical Marijuana to Treat War Injury

Because of the archaic cannabis legal guidelines inside the Land of the unfastened, a disabled veteran turned into sentenced to 5 years in prison for possessing medical marijuana that he had a prescription for in a single country but were given stuck inside some other kingdom.

Sean Worsley,33, who's a disabled veteran who has PTSD and a worrying mind injury from his time in Iraq, will now spend the subsequent five years in a cage for the usage of a plant to heal himself.

Sean had his legally-prescribed marijuana in the vehicle, so he and Eboni were each arrested due to the fact scientific marijuana is not a felony in Alabama.

"I explained to him that Alabama did not have scientific marijuana. I then positioned the suspect in handcuffs," the report reads, in keeping with the Alabama Appleseed.

It takes some extreme intellectual gymnastics to assume you're carrying out justice by way of arresting a disabled veteran who treats his infection with a plant.

Following the quest, the Worsley's were both arrested for ownership of marijuana, paraphernalia, alcohol, and for violating a noise ordinance.

Sean was forced to agree to five years probation, however, turned into arrested a brief time later, once more for a small quantity of marijuana, and is now required to spend the subsequent five years in jail.

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