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Army Veteran Found Not Guilty After Body Camera Confirmed He Shot at Police Officers in Self Defense

Last year, when George Floyd's murder triggered nationwide demonstrations and rioting, Americans watched as the police state bared its fangs. The PBWW website documented many incidents of police brutality against peaceful demonstrators, including policemen in California shooting a grandma in the face with a rubber bullet. Numerous people were severely harmed by police brutality, with others losing their sight permanently. It was a terrible occupation during which many innocent individuals were victims of police brutality. Jaleel Stallings, 29, was one of these victims, but unlike his grandmother, he was able to defend himself against an unjustified police assault. However, his act of self-defence resulted in his being charged with attempted murder. Though other demonstrators engaged in vandalism, rioting, and looting, Stallings was one of the many nonviolent protesters. However, his innocence was no protection against police brutality. On May 30, officers exploited a curfew enforce