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Unmarked car pulls up, cops get out with guns, execute him as he runs

This week, the parents of 23-year-old Robert Marquise Adams demanded answers and responsibility when a video captured two unmarked police vehicles pulling up to a parking lot and executing their son. It seems from the footage that Adams posed no danger to the cops and may not have even realised they were police.

On Monday, San Bernardino Police Chief Darren Goodman said in a video statement that police responded to a report of an armed black male in the parking lot of a company. According to investigators, Adams worked at the firm as an unauthorised security guard.

According to police, as they came up in their undercover car, Adams started approaching them. Adams was startled and turned to flee as they leapt out of the car. Adams would be dead within 15 seconds of the police's arrival.

As seen by the footage, Adams was conversing with a companion before the unmarked police vehicle arrived. According to Adams' mother, Tamika Deavila King, Adams was celebrating his friend's new automobile.

"He recently bought a new automobile, and they have identical BMWs," King told reporters.

Adams would have reason to move toward the unmarked automobile if he was employed as an unlicensed security guard by the corporation. In addition, it would make sense for him to run without a licence.

Police said that they had no choice but to kill Adams because he was holding a gun.

"The cops left their car and issued Adams verbal directions, but he quickly raced with the rifle in his right hand toward two parked automobiles." Adams was momentarily pursued by officers, but when they saw he had no escape route, they feared he meant to use the cars as cover to fire at them," Goodman said.

"Because one of the policemen feared for the safety of onlookers or himself, he fired his weapon, hitting Adams."

Even if he was carrying a gun, he never aimed it at anybody, and having a gun is not a crime punishable by death immediately. In addition, family counsel representing Adams claims he was carrying a smartphone, not a pistol, and was speaking with his mother at the time.

"You can see my child dancing because he was unaware of what was happening; he was dancing." After that, I was on the phone, and all I could hear were gunshots. He never told me goodbye. He never said goodbye to me, "Tamika King claimed."

"She heard the firing, she heard the quick series of rounds, and then she never heard her son's voice again," attorney Ben Crump said to reporters, contradicting the police story.

"Hey dude, you're going to be OK." "Are you with me?" The cop is heard stating this after putting holes in Adams. Adams did not fare well and passed away in the parking lot.

Lawyers for Adams's family don't agree with the police that a still photo shows Adams holding a gun.

"This individual was fleeing and was shot many times in the back," Chris O'Neal, another attorney for the family, said, noting that Adams was clutching a smartphone and not a pistol. He was not afforded the decency and civility of prompt emergency medical assistance.

The Adams family is now requesting that the officer who murdered their son be charged with murder.

The victim's stepfather, Audwin King, said, "The youngster fled." "[The officer] pursued him as if he were a dog." If [Adams] still had life in him, [the officer] would have likely completed the clip. So, when will it be rectified? "

"We want justice. We need his badge. We want his job, "remarked Audwin. "We want murder charges."

The video link below contains highly graphic content.

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