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Incentivized Murder: After Killing Unarmed 17yo Boy On Video, Cop Got $70K Payout

Police were called to the home of young person John Albers after his better half said she was apprehensive he was going to execute himself. Police showed up and Jenison started shooting at Albers as the youngster pulled out of his garage. While it is run of the mill for charges not to follow cops who slaughter youngsters, for Jenison's situation, it was far more regrettable than basically getting off Without any penalty. It was uncovered for this present week that Jenison can not just work again as a law implementation official yet he additionally got a payout of $ 70,000 to leave the division, WDAF affirmed.  Jenison worked only two months into 2018 however records uncover he made over $ 80,000. Jenison discharged an underlying two shots "They permitted an official who obviously dedicated unfortunate behavior to get boosted, " Sheila Albers said. "We basically boosted police offense by giving Jenison a payout". As per WDAF, Albers' family settled a