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The Federal Government recalls an ambassador after an attack on a Nigerian diplomat by Indonesian authorities.

This occurred when the Federal Government announced the recall of Nigeria's Ambassador to the Asian nation, Usman Ogar, in the aftermath of the heinous event. The ambassador, who seemed to be in agony as Indonesian immigration officials forced his head to the seat of a vehicle, was heard screaming, "I can't breathe."

Geoffrey Onyeama, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who announced Ogar's return for discussions at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday, also said that the government will examine Nigeria's bilateral ties with the Asian nation. Former diplomats chastise Indonesia Ogbole Amedu-Odeh, a former Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico, characterized the assault as a breach of the Vienna Convention, adding that it was too early to determine the FG's reciprocal response.

He stated, "The (Foreign Affairs) minister has already come out firing from the hip; thus, the Indonesians are aware that they must take appropriate action because what their officials have done against the Nigerian foreign service officer violates both the letter and spirit of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Rules, which expressly guarantees the inviolability of a diplomat's person."

“It is against the word and spirit of that agreement, which is basically the bible of diplomacy, for them to expose the ambassador to such an act. Nigeria is walking carefully by pleading with the Indonesian authorities to intervene immediately or else Nigeria may be forced to take action.

“By what standards? We have no idea. The recall of our ambassador to Indonesia is a flowery way of expressing our displeasure with Indonesia's handling of the matter. Let us observe and see what occurs.”

Rasheed Akinkuolie, another retired diplomat and former Director of Trade and Investment at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also condemned the attack on the ambassador, saying that the first step in this matter should have been for Nigeria to lodge a strong complaint in Jakarta, which was done. According to him, although it may be premature for Nigeria to terminate diplomatic ties with Jakarta, the FG required all the facts and circumstances surrounding the event before adopting a tough position towards Indonesia.

The FG will determine the next steps. However, Onyeama told journalists that when the ministry saw the video of the diplomat being held by Indonesian immigration officials in a moving vehicle on social media, it promptly called the ambassador in Indonesia, who provided a verbal description of the event.

The minister said that the envoy verified that the video depicted a Nigerian ambassador in Indonesia, adding that the unlawful conduct occurred during a round-up of irregular migrants in the nation by Indonesian immigration authorities.

“What we have decided to do is immediately recall our Nigerian ambassador in Jakarta, Indonesia, for discussions, and we will have complete meetings at the highest level to determine our next course of action, which will include, of course, a review of our ties with Indonesia.” Onyeama emphasized that the immigration officials' actions were a blatant violation of the Vienna Convention, calling them "an act of gross international delinquency."

“The Nigerian government has also asked that the Indonesian government impose harsh and appropriate sanctions on immigration officers engaged in the blatant criminal act,” he said.

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