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Cops Claim Compliant Handcuffed Man Was a Threat, So They Tortured Him With a Taser

The Tallahassee Police Department in rural Alabama is attempting damage control this week in response to a Facebook video of its officers tasering a guy who posed no danger. Perry Jackson, who may or may not have deserved to be held responsible for his acts, will certainly get a big payout when the Tallahassee police violated his rights. According to Tallahassee police chief N.T. Buce, officers responded to allegations of "shots fired" in the neighbourhood on Sunday before seeing Jackson, who was supposedly sought for failing to appear. "Upon arrival, Tallassee Police saw a large crowd gathering around what seemed to be a physical conflict. The victim was contacted, and she identified two people who may have fired shots in her direction. "While gathering information from both sides," said Chief Buce. "Officers were aware that Jackson had an outstanding warrant issued by the Tallassee Police Department. The warrant was verified by dispatch, and cops sought