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Cop Speeds Through Neighborhood, Jumps Sidewalk, and Kills Innocent Man—Police Officer Not Charged

This week's release of body camera video demonstrates what happens when overconfident officers get behind the wheel and drive as though they are invincible. Their reckless and hazardous cowboy techniques have the potential to and will result in the pain and death of innocent people. Michael Wayne Jackson's family and friends recently learned this lesson the hard way when officer Orlando Hernandez leapt his vehicle onto the sidewalk and murdered the 62-year-old. Although the incident occurred on December 4, 2021, the body camera video was just recently revealed. Hernandez and his colleague officer Anthony Aranda were travelling at speeds over 100 miles per hour in their cruiser as they assisted another cop in pursuing individuals who were allegedly engaged in a carjacking. Given that the suspects were on foot, there was no justification to drive 80-100 mph through a residential area. Despite these data, Hernandez drove erratically and with just one hand on the wheel as he sped t