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On His Way to Fight, the Police Chief Randomly Shoots an Innocent bystander in the Parking Lot.

Kelecia Mayo, 22, is struggling for her life in Little Rock, Arkansas, after being seriously injured by a gunshot fired from the police chief's handgun. Police shot her just for being in the wrong location at the wrong time. Chief Keith Humphrey of the Little Rock Police Department was placed on administrative leave Saturday after cellphone footage showed the absolutely careless shooting. According to authorities, the chief was responding to an altercation between a man and a woman in a parking lot on New Year's Eve. During the altercation, Taz Hayes, 29, grabbed a revolver and started shooting wildly across the parking lot. Humphrey was patrolling as part of an "all hands on deck" strategy when he saw the mayhem unfold. "On New Year's Eve, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey, like he has done in the past, used an all-hands-on-deck strategy to patrol and ordered command personnel to patrol the city," Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. tweeted Saturday