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'I can't breathe,' say cops accused of murdering an innocent father as he walked home.

Manuel Ellis, a father of two, was killed by police in March 2020. His sister, Monet Carter-Mixon, set out on a mission to expose the cops who killed her brother. She found a video that contradicted the official story and the officers involved were about to be cleared. The evidence came to light during a protest for George Floyd in her town, where she was trying to raise awareness of her brother's death, which happened there, not in another state. The police claim that Ellis randomly attacked two cops and was killed while doing so. But the family says this is not what his brother would have done and the video contradicts the police narrative. The officers involved have been cleared.  "The Story of the Death of Manuel Ellis," by Monica Carter- Mixon, will air on March 3, 2020, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC News Channel 10. Prosecutors: Ellis's only actions appeared defensive in nature as he tried to shield his face from the police. Prosecutors would admit that he never fought b

Chauvin was just the eighth cop convicted of murder since 2005, thanks to a system that encourages killer cops.

Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all three charges against him in the killing of George Floyd. Since 2005, American cops have killed over 15,000 citizens while on duty. Of the 1,127 people killed by police in 2020, only 277 of them were suspected of a violent offense. The majority of police killings involve calls in which there was no crime or the suspect was only suspected of non-violent offenses. The cops who killed Elijah McClain, Andrew Finch, Kameron Prescott, Daniel Shaver, Charles Roundtree Jr., Stephon Clark, and countless other completely innocent individuals — all got away with it. This is not okay. The verdict is a major victory for police accountability activists and people were literally crying with joy in the streets of Minneapolis. It's just one battle in a war Americans have been losing for decades. The fight for justice will continue to be a long, long way from a victory for justice for all Americans and police accountability is a long way to go, as this verd

Good Cop Fired for Exposing Police Brutality As Bad Cop Defended for Saying He Wants to ‘Kill All’ Protesters

  Those who are  listening  to the ever-expanding  dictatorship  within the  land of the free know that the system  is about  up in such  how  that it protects bad cops while punishing  the great  ones. Nothing highlights this truth quite  just like the  following two cops. One cop defended justice  and easily  asked for his fellow cops  to try to  an equivalent  while another cop took to social media on multiple occasions and advocated murdering Black Lives, Matter protesters. Spoiler alert: it wasn't the one who  involved  murdering innocent protesters. On June 30,  Colorado Springs  policeman  Sergeant Keith Wrede was found  to possess  regularly commented on videos of BLM protesters with the phrase "KILL THEM ALL!" Wrede was found  employing a  sock puppet account to espouse the  involves  genocide  also  as his personal account in  a clear  plan to  get his message to as  many of us  as possible. When his department  acknowledged , Wrede received a measly five-day su

Cop Charged for Opening Fire on 3 Journalists With Rubber Bullets for No Reason

More than one times throughout the twentieth century, America alongside 195 different international locations ratified the Geneva convention to come up with the money for protections to civilians in places of violence and battle. Newshounds are protected beneath this worldwide humanitarian settlement in opposition to direct attacks unless and for such time as they take an instantaneous component in hostilities. As we've got watched during the last numerous months but, American cops apparently did no longer get the memo. After the onset of protests from the death of George Floyd, there had been limitless instances wherein law enforcement officials were recorded on video targeting reporters. The moves of one cop in Detroit, however, were so egregious that he changed into eventually charged this week — nearly months after he attacked three reporters who work for MLive. On may also 31, Cpl. In line with the prosecutor’s workplace of Kym worth, the 3 newshounds diagnosed

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Grope Woman, Beat The Hell Out of Her for Pulling Away

As the reverberation chamber from the police theological rationalist group slopes up their enemy of dissent publicity, it is getting more earnestly for them to deny the uncontrolled brutality did against peaceful serene dissidents in the course of the most recent month since George Floyd's passing. As the accompanying case delineates, the counter dissent group ought to most likely begin contradicting this brutality as it will before long begin to hit them in the wallet. Presently, the two ladies who were manhandled in that video have recorded a claim as the cops who assaulted them still can't seem to be considered responsible which implies that obligation is currently given to the citizens. The government claim recorded Friday in the U. Basically, individuals who remain out past the time limit are being kettled by cops who don't permit them to leave and afterward are tear-gassed, pepper showered, beaten with twirly doos, and afterward captured.  This strategy is excepti

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

After the death of Eric Garner in 2014 shook the nation, the phrase “I can’t breathe” has become a chilling symbol for violence doled out at the hands of the state. TFTP has reported on multiple instances in which entirely peaceful and often innocent people have muttered those words just before police officers squeeze the last bit of life from their bodies. Tragically, as the video below shows us, this is still happening. Subscribe to more videos:

‘All of Them Sat On This Man’: Cops Gave False Story About Floyd’s Death Despite Testimony from Their Own

Following the death of George Floyd, officials with the Minneapolis Police Department were evasive about the actions taken by the officers involved with his arrest. In initial statements to the press, the police department only said that Floyd appeared to be suffering from “medical distress” during the arrest and that he was then taken to a nearby hospital where he passed away. Rachel Blevins @RachBlevins Never forget that these are the lies the Minneapolis PD told about George Floyd’s death, and without video evidence, we may have never known the truth... https:// s/1270040388510846979  … Adam Belz ✔ @adambelz reminder that this is how the Minneapolis Police Department initially reported George Floyd's death 41 4:10 PM - Jun 9, 2020  ·  Washington, DC Twitter Ads info and privacy 20 people are talking about this However, there was no mention of the very likely po