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Lagos Police Spokesman: 'I'm Not Proud To Be A Cop' After Seeing Caucasian Cops

In the footage, three Caucasian officers from Crawford, Arkansas can be seen brutally punching a guy they had previously subdued. Benjamin Hundeyin, the ever-vibrant spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, claims he is not proud to be a police officer after seeing a video depicting the activities of Caucasian police officers.

This was posted on Hundeyin's verified Twitter account on Tuesday morning. He is very professional and dedicated to his job. He interacts with the public often and in a friendly way through social media.

In the video, three Caucasian police officers from Crawford, Arkansas are shown repeatedly pounding a guy they have previously subdued, in a manner reminiscent of jungle justice. 
By retweeting a user's video tweet, the Lagos police spokesperson seemed to be shocked by what the cops in the clip were doing.

"In times like this, I am not proud to identify as a police officer. "What the heck?," wrote Hundeyin. 
It is unclear what the victim's offence was.

In addition, it is unclear when the event occurred.

The person who posted the video on Twitter says that the police officers involved have been suspended.

"These vile, heartless Crawford, Arkansas police officers have been suspended for this terrible attack," he added.

"But it is not sufficient. They should be sacked and indicted for attempted murder. "NO MORE POLICE BRUTALITY. "

Meanwhile, Kanyi Daily reported the murder of a masked man, George Floyd, who was held down on his neck with a knee by white police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as he complained that he couldn't breathe.

The murder of George Floyd sparked an outcry on social media when a video showed a cop squatting on the melanin man's neck while he wailed for air.

Four Minneapolis police officers have been terminated and punished for their roles in the fatal incident.

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