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Cop Who Arrested an Innocent Family and Small Children Now Running for Sheriff

Last year, the same department that murdered Elijah McClain made headlines again – this time for holding an innocent family at gunpoint and forcing them all to the ground due to their own ineptitude. The police were searching for a stolen motorbike with a single driver when they came across a whole innocent family in an SUV with a registration plate from another state.

The fact that none of the policemen involved in that act of terror were prosecuted — despite committing obvious acts of terrorism against an innocent family by holding children aged 6-17 at gunpoint and pushing them to the ground — exemplifies why police officers can get away with such

A January decision exonerated all the cops involved. Despite the fact that the 18th Judicial District District Attorney's Office described the event as "disturbing," they determined that the police "acted legally."

"What happened to the innocent occupants is unacceptable and preventable, but that alone does not establish criminal culpability for the two officers involved in the initial contact," Clinton McKinzie, the 18th Judicial District's chief deputy district attorney, wrote in a letter explaining the decision,

Regrettably, this would very certainly be the same conclusion regardless of whether the police murdered a kid.

Now, one of the policemen engaged in the violent and near-fatal detention of an innocent family is exploiting the incident's recent popularity as a springboard for his next career move: sheriff.

Darian Dasko, an Aurora police officer who was not fired or prosecuted in connection with the event, was demoted and suspended. He is now seeking a significant promotion. Dasko filed his paperwork to run as a Republican for the Las Animas County Sheriff's position earlier this month. He is presently running uncontested.

According to Dr. Thomas Mayes, vice president of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance, Dasko's intention to seek for a position of power in the police has instilled dread in the black community.

"Two fears: one is that they will be led by someone who lacks judgment when it comes to people," Mayes said. "My second concern is that the electorate will elect him knowing well well that if he represents the personality of Las Animas, then it would be another location where we [Black people] do not want to go."

As previously reported, Brittany Gilliam was parked in a nail shop parking lot and using her phone to locate another, as the current one was closed. Gilliam and her family were soon encircled by police, headed by Dasko, who forced them out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Cops in Aurora charged Gilliam and all of the children in the vehicle with auto theft. However, there had been no theft, and it was police incompetence that resulted in the holding of young children at gunpoint and forcing them to the ground.

According to CBS Denver, Aurora police said they performed a high-risk check in response to a complaint of a stolen car. Gilliam's automobile had the same license plate number as the vehicle police were searching for, but was registered in the incorrect state. Gilliam claims that her 12-year-old sister and 17-year-old niece were shackled while they lay on the parking lot's asphalt. A 14-year-old niece and her 6-year-old daughter were also lying on the ground in response to police orders.

Police were searching for a yellow motorbike with Montana plates when they mistakenly identified the stolen vehicle as a blue SUV with Colorado plates.

"He continued to handcuff me, and I watched him handcuff the children, and I became enraged, wondering why you were handcuffing children," Gilliam said.

According to newly disclosed information, police blamed Gilliam's wrath for the family's continued terrorization. In their reports, officers Dasko and Moen accused Gilliam of disturbing the children.

"Gilliam increased his shouting and yelling," Dasko reports, "which caused the younger kid to cry." Moen concurs that Gilliam was responsible for the girls' emotional condition. Gilliam "began screaming and yelling at the people on the passenger side, visibly distressing them," she wrote. "The passengers screamed and sobbed."

In other words, the children were not afraid of police brandishing weapons and forcing them to lay down on the sidewalk; they were afraid, according to Dasko, because their mother was enraged that this was happening to them. And now this gentleman wants to serve as sheriff.

"I'm enraged. I'm enraged, " Gilliam said earlier this year when she announced her complaint. "Those children are not acceptable. They will never be acceptable. That was a harrowing ordeal. Would your children be okay afterwards? Receiving a pistol drawn on them and being thrown to the ground. Particularly a six-year-old. "

Naturally, police said they followed all procedures precisely and that it was a minor mistake that resulted in one of their exemplary officers frightening and terrifying an innocent family. They were just carrying out their duties.

Now, taxpayers — and potentially all residents of Las Animas County, where Dasko is interviewing for the sheriff's position — will be held accountable.

Consider that when you view the video below, this is your family being dragged to the ground at gunpoint. Consider that no amount of innocence or compliance with the law could ever prevent it. When someone claims, "as long as you don't violate the law, you're safe," demonstrate this. Then they inform them that the policeman who perpetrated this atrocity is running uncontested for sheriff.

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