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Cop Arrested After Video Showed Him Beating Innocent Man in Hospital Bed for 2 Hours

Like so many cops do to keep away from responsibility, Sgt. Tyron Andrepont, a 17-year veteran of the Opelousas Police branch, attempted to quietly surrender after he turned into caught on video attacking an innocent guy in the sanatorium. Final November, Andrepont becomes captured on video savagely attacking 21-yr-vintage Jonah Coleman in a health facility mattress. Imagine for a second, any other profession on the planet that would go through such high-quality lengths and wait nearly 9 months to fire a person who turned into visible on video beating an innocent prone guy in a clinic mattress. Though the video has yet to be publicly launched, Louisiana country Police Investigator Mark Fournet described in element what transpired within the video. "Sgt. Andrepont then rushed forward fast, accomplishing towards Jonah along with his proper hand, striking his face, and causing his head to snap backward," Fournet stated. In some other incident at nine: fifty-one p.m., Andrepo