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Cops Arrested for brutally beating a teen for a speeding ticket

Body camera video published in April exposed numerous police officers' gang mentality, as cops were shown brutally assaulting a 17-year-old kid during a traffic check "like a pack of wolves." Additionally, it demonstrates the lengths to which police will go to enforce a speeding infraction. However, there is a silver lining to this tale, since the two policemen involved in the violence have been charged. Tori Verber Salazar, the district attorney for San Joaquin County, announced the indictment of former Stockton Police Department officers Michael Stiles and Omar Villapudua on felony charges of assault on a public officer and assault with a weapon likely to inflict severe bodily harm. “This grand jury indictment serves as a reminder to everyone that when police officers use excessive force, they erode community trust,” she added in a statement. “As the daughter of a police officer, I understand how critical it is to reestablish community trust, safety, and the profession&

Cops left a boot imprint on a teen's face after he was beaten too violently over a speeding ticket.

Body camera footage released over the weekend highlights the gang mentality  of the many   cops   because it  showed them violently beating a 17-year-old boy over a traffic stop “like a pack of wolves.” It also illustrates how far cops will  move to  enforce a speeding violation. The incident unfolded in December of last year, when 17-year-old Devin Carter, a  high school  football star was accused by police of driving his vehicle over the  ordinance . When police pulled him over, cops pounced on him like wolves tearing apart  a pricey .  the whole  time, cops were accusing Carter of “resisting” but  because the  video shows, that was simply not true. The video was released by John Burris, a civil rights lawyer, who is representing Carter and his family  during a  federal lawsuit against the Stockton  department of local government . “These vicious cops acted  sort of a  pack of wolves and Devin was their evening meal,” said Burris. “I  haven't  seen a  law officer  beating this ou