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Harmless mother Hospitalized After Being ‘Legally’ Raped with the aid of police officers searching out Non-Existent capsules

 Rape inside the U.S.A. Is described by way of the Department of Justice as “Penetration, irrespective of how moderate, of the vagina or anus with any body part or item, or oral penetration with the aid of an intercourse organ of some other character, without the consent of the sufferer.” on the quit of the following tale about what came about to Erica Reynolds, you will have 0 doubt that she become raped. But, due to the fact her rapists put on a badge and declare to protect society, no person may be going to prison and therapists claim the whole lot they did was criminal. Erica’s nightmare started out the day after Christmas in 2018 while police suspected her of getting a substance deemed illegal through the state. Because the kingdom claims the immoral authority to kidnap, cage — and, in Erica’s case, rape — humans looking for these substances, this innocent mother was abducted and brought down to the Phoenix police department. As police looked for the arbitrary substance, Erica bec

Father of Two Brutally Slammed, Held Down on Scorching Hot AZ Pavement Until He Dies

No suspect should ever be held onto hot asphalt during the four hottest months of summer in Phoenix, Arizona, where pavement temps can reach 160 degrees. Now, yet again, another valley family is demanding answers after their loved one, Ramon Timothy Lopez, later died following a violent arrest which included being held onto scorching hot pavement. On August 4, Phoenix PD responded to a 911 call about a suspicious man who was looking into vehicles outside a liquor store in the Maryvale area near 51st avenue and Indian School Rd. When an officer arrived Lopez reportedly ran away from the officer into the store, reportedly throwing a drink at the officer as he fled. That officer who has yet to be identified, apprehended Lopez, slamming him to the ground in the street, and held him there until backup arrived. Predictably, Phoenix PD spokesperson Sgt. Mercedes Fortune defended the officers' actions saying, "Officers did not place their knee(s) on Ramon's neck and at no time was