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Cop going through life in jail for Pulling Over women, Kidnapping and Raping Them

  Officials in Arcola are asking anyone with knowledge of alleged kidnappings and rapes by  one of all  their  law enforcement officials   to return  forward. They believe  the ladies  he allegedly raped following traffic stops  might not  be his only victims. Hector Aaron Ruiz, 25, was originally arrested and charged with coercing  a girl  he pulled over on November 16th, 2019 into  sexual activity . In other words, he used his badge  to urge  sexual favors from those victims he was pulling over. An unnamed woman (victims of  sexual abuse   aren't  identified out of respect  for his or her  privacy) said Ruiz pulled her over, told her to follow him in her car, took her to a dark place, and demanded sex. Now, he faces even more charges  during a  federal indictment. On Nov. 10, Ruiz was charged with aggravated  sex crime  and kidnapping while serving as  a political candidate  for the Arcola  local department ,  in line with  prosecutors. He faces up to life in prison if found guil