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Video Refutes police officers’ story, shows them, shooting guy, through a Crowd of people

In April of 2015, Jovan Darnell Webb was out with friends celebrating the very fact that he had just passed his commercial driver’s license test. What was an evening of celebration and happiness, however, quickly was a horror story when police in civilian clothes showed up.

Now, because the officers were never held in command of their actions, the taxpayers of Waterloo are being held to the fireplace for $400,000 in an excessive force lawsuit.

According to police, that night, an altercation at the New World club broke out, which Webb wasn't a component of, so he decided to go away. When police older the scene, the altercation was already over.

Webb, who had broken no law, harmed nobody, and who was merely trying to avoid being fixed in a very mess that he had nothing to try and do with, happened his car to travel home. But because of the Waterloo police, Webb wouldn't make it home that night.

As he attempted to tug out of the automobile parking spacea person wearing plainclothes knocked on his driver’s side window with a black object, in keeping with the lawsuit. Webb then pulled bent on escape from the person who he had no idea was a cop.

The police claim that Webb attempted to run over a political candidate so that they were forced to shoot him. But surveillance video from two cameras at the New World club doesn't show this.

What the video from the 2 cameras does show, however, could be a Waterloo cop in civilian clothes chasing after Webb while firing multiple shots into the car, during a crowded automobile parking space.

The video shows frightened onlookers dive to require cover as Officer Thomas Frein and Mark Nissen unleash a hail of bullets seemingly unconcerned for the protection of everyone around them.

Police bullets struck Webb five times; twice in his arm, two struck his abdomen, and one penetrated his chest. Still, in fear of being killed by the madmen shooting at him, Webb continued to Allen Hospital where he was handcuffed by Waterloo officers. Webb suffered a collapsed lung, two bullets are still in his body, and he must use a machine to assist him to breathe.

Attorney Mark Loevy-Reyes of Loevy & Loevy in Chicago, who represented Webb, said Webb wasn’t posing a threat to police or others. He also said authorities lied about what happened to hide up an unjustified shooting. Apparently, the remainder of the department felt the identical way, as Webb wasn't charged with a criminal offense until much later.

In order to flee jail for crimes he failed to commit, Webb made a plea deal in 2017 to misdemeanor charges of assault on a politician, interference, and carrying weapons. Under the plea, he didn’t admit guilt but acknowledged he would likely be convicted if the case visited trial.

Webb’s lawsuit alleged excessive force, battery, and failure to intervene on the part of other officers at the scene.

Webb wasn't a criminal; he's an honest 27-year-old man who was preyed upon by negligent officers looking to harass him.

Of course, the officers said that they feared for his or her lives, but put yourself in Webb’s shoes for a moment. Don’t you think that he feared for his life after witnessing an enormous brawl so moving into his car only to be met by an unknown man tapping on his window with a possible gun?

By all moral standpoints, Webb was the sole one who can legitimately claim he feared for his life as he was the sole one facing down armed aggressors who were trying to kill him.

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