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Video Refutes police officers’ story, shows them, shooting guy, through a Crowd of people

In April of 2015, Jovan Darnell Webb was out with friends celebrating  the very fact  that he had just passed his commercial driver’s license test. What was  an evening  of celebration and happiness, however, quickly  was  a horror story when police in civilian clothes showed up. Now, because the officers were never held  in command of  their actions, the taxpayers of Waterloo are being held to  the fireplace  for $400,000 in an excessive force lawsuit. According to police, that night, an altercation at the New World club broke out, which Webb  wasn't   a component  of, so he decided  to go away . When police  older  the scene, the altercation was already over. Webb, who had broken no law, harmed  nobody , and who was merely trying to avoid being  fixed   in a very  mess that he had nothing  to try and do  with,  happened  his car  to travel  home. But  because of  the Waterloo police, Webb  wouldn't  make it home that night. As he attempted  to tug  out of the  automobile park