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Cop Charged for Handcuffing innocent man, Bouncing On His Head together with his Knee

Video footage of what led to the arrest of Providence  sergeant  Joseph Hanley was released  on  showing exactly why the officer needed to face charges.  the discharge  of the video is now making waves as its contents  and also the   undeniable fact that   it absolutely was  released  in the slightest degree  was highly controversial. According to police, they were responding to an alleged domestic dispute  after they  confronted and arrested 28-year-old Markese Davis who officers say was  assault and battery . During the arrest, police accused several bystanders of “verbally interfering” with the arrest —  few  crimes. It is unclear if Rishod Gore, also 28, was  one in every one of  these folks but that  didn't   relate  to Sgt. Hanley and his team of uniformed attack dogs. After putting Davis  within the   prowl car , cops walked  right down to  a car occupied by Gore and another female and without telling him why proceeded  to tug  him from the vehicle and savagely attack him. A