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Cop Tackles Unarmed Man, Shoots Him in the Back of the Head, and Is Charged With Murder

An unnamed Grand Rapids police officer conducted a traffic stop on Patrick Lyoya, a 26-year-old Congolese immigrant, on April 4. Moments later, Lyoya would be killed by a police officer-inflicted gunshot wound to the back of his skull for a minor traffic infraction.

In an unusual step, Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker said on Thursday that there is adequate evidence to bring a second-degree murder case against officer Christopher Schurr, who murdered Lyoya by shooting him in the back of the head.

Schurr now faces the potential of life without parole in jail. Schurr handed himself in on Thursday and will be arraigned on Friday.

Benjamin Crump, a prominent police brutality attorney, hailed the decision to prosecute Schurr as a "crucial step in the right path" in a statement released on Thursday.

Crump said, "Though the path to justice for Patrick and his family has just started, this ruling is a significant step in the right way." "Officer Schurr must be held responsible for his choice to chase an unarmed Patrick, shoot him in the back of the head, and eventually murder him - for nothing more than a traffic check."

The system targets the poor and minorities with high traffic fees and penalties for noncompliance, as shown by Lyoya's death. Lyoya's licence was suspended, and he knew that the officer who stopped him that day would certainly send him to prison. So he attempted to flee.

Lyoya was not permitted to go since it is the police officer's responsibility to abduct and confine individuals for victimless offences such as suspended licences. Instead, the police intensified the assault on the unarmed and peaceful guy.

On that tragic day, the nightmare for Lyoya's two children and his parents began, and they had to wait about a week to see how it played out. It is among the most horrific videos we have ever seen.

According to the Grand Rapids police department, the officer began a traffic stop because Lyoya's car's licence plate did not match the one in the system.

During the stop, Lyoya leaves the vehicle before the officer requests his licence and instructs him to re-enter the vehicle. At that time, Lyoya made the decision to escape. The cop pursued Lyoya before tackling her and commencing a scuffle on the ground.

Throughout the battle, Lyoya never attempted to strike or otherwise harm the officer. He only attempted to flee and protect himself from the officer's assault.

When the cop draws his taser, Lyoya grabs it to prevent him from using it.

"Stop!" shouts the cop. "Release the Taser!"

The officer remains on Lyoya's back for around 90 seconds before drawing his gun, placing it on the back of Lyoya's head, and firing. The execution-style bullet to the back of Lyoya's skull would be fatal.

"The video plainly demonstrates that this was an unwarranted, unreasonable, and lethal use of force against an unarmed melanin man who was bewildered and afraid by the encounter," said Crump. "It should be emphasised that Patrick never utilised physical force against this officer, even though the officer used physical force against him on many occasions for what was a minor traffic violation."

Peter Lyoya told CBS News, "I came here to preserve my family." "My kid has been brutally murdered."

"The person whose responsibility it was to defend Patrick's life is the one who murdered Patrick and took Patrick's life," he continued.

As a kid, Lyoya immigrated to the United States with his five siblings. His family fled turmoil in the Congo for a better, safer life in the United States. Unfortunately, and in a cruel irony, their desire for a safer and better life has ended violently and bloodily because of the American police state.

Link to the video:

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