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Police attack and arrest 12-year-old boy for stealing his own bike

There is an all-too-frequent scenario that repeats itself throughout the United States: innocent melanin individuals are accused of stealing or breaking into their own property. We've seen individuals attacked and detained, or sometimes murdered and killed, for attempting to break into their own automobiles or move into their own houses. While the majority of these victims of racial profiling are adults, as the following instance indicates, the victim of racial profiling is sometimes a youngster. Jamir Bradford, 12, was riding his bike in his neighbourhood late last month like numerous children do around the nation. Police say they responded to a report of a stolen bicycle and immediately targeted the boy, alleging he "matched the description." However, according to the boy's mother and the absence of charges, the bike was never stolen. Rather than that, on Feb. 20, two males in a pickup vehicle approached Jamir and accused him of stealing the bike. Rather than merely