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5 years after cops killed Alton Sterling on video, taxpayers pay $4.5 million.

Alton Sterling's family has reached a $4.5 million settlement with the city of Baton Rouge and dismissed its lawsuit against the city and others. The attorney for Sterling's estate says the settlement will allow the city to heal and provide a pathway for his children. "We are grateful for the significant policy changes that have been and will be implemented by the city," attorneys say. Alton Sterling was not being combative when he was shot by a police officer, his lawyer says. "The person who was out of control was Blane Salamoni," a lawyer for Sterling's family says. Salamoni created a situation in fear and hostility and violence were used instead of de-escalation, the lawyer adds. Police chief "Our officers are held to a higher standard. Unreasonable fear in an officer is dangerous"