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Cop Shoots harmless woman via Window as She plays Video games With 8yo Nephew

  On the night of  Columbus Day , 2019, Atatiana Jefferson, 28, had committed no crime, had harmed  nobody , and was playing video games  along with her  8-year-old nephew when she heard a noise  within the  backyard and  visited  investigate. As Jefferson walked to the window  to determine  who the prowler was, the prowler opened fire and murdered her inside her home. Because this prowler wears a badge, however,  rather than  investigating a murder, the  local department  conducted  control  by assassinating Jefferson’s character before arresting  urban center   peace officer  Aaron Dean  together with her  murder. It has been over a year since Dean murdered Jefferson in her  house   and also the  officer has yet to even  move to  trial. Now, because the wheels of criminal justice are barely turning, two members of Jefferson’s family filed a  decease  lawsuit against  the town  or the  city   and also the  former officer  to hunt  civil justice. The murder  passed   early  a Saturday