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Cop Hammers Woman in the Face for Taunting Him, Saying He’s ‘Acting Like You White’

Miami-Dade cop Antonio Rodriquez was mitigated of obligation this week after he was seen on body camera film waylaying a little lady in her face. The episode unfurled on Wednesday inside the Miami Universal Air terminal. The two were associated with a conversation before the lady gets angry and starts provoking him. The lady, who has no veil on, then gets in the official's face, directly before he conveys a haymaker to her head.  "She headbutted me, " he says as the officials surge in to bind her. The headbutt isn't obvious in the video on the off chance that it happened. It was additionally not obvious to the Miami-Dade Police Executive Alfredo Ramirez, who quickly discharged an announcement denouncing the official's activities. I've promptly started an examination and requested that the included officials be alleviated of obligation.  Activities, for example, these subvert the difficult work that we have put resources into our locale and make my