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Cops Swarm, Pummel 1 Surrendered Man, Then Do the Same to Man Who Filmed It

Numerous Miami Beach police officers were arrested this week after horrific video footage of almost two dozen policemen surrounding and then trampling a cooperative guy who had just lay face down on the ground and surrendered with his hands behind his back. After pummeling their first victim, the vicious band of badged thugs jumped their second victim for doing nothing more than recording it.

On Monday, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements announced the accusations. They played a four-minute film at the conference, emphasizing the cops' misdeeds.

The footage shows an astounding 21 policemen rushing into the lobby of a South Beach hotel, encircling their target, and then unleashing a barrage of kicks, punches, and smashes. According to authorities, the guy who was crushed in the face and body by police boots is Dalonta Crudup, 24, who was accused of colliding with an officer while riding a scooter. According to police, the cop who was struck is now on crutches.

Police said that they contacted Crudup about his parking space. They alleged he was parked illegally. According to police, when a Miami Beach cop confronted Crudup for unlawfully parking, Crudup fled and collided with an officer.

Crudup is seen racing away on the scooter but did not seem to collide with an officer. The footage below begins when Crudup abandons the scooter and rushes inside the Royal Palm hotel's lobby.

As seen on film, an officer orders Crudup to leave the elevator with his pistol drawn. Crudup obeys every command and quickly falls on the ground, face down, and places his hands behind his back while being shackled.

At this moment, twenty more cops rush in and surround the fully surrendered guy, attacking him in what seems to be a gang-style beatdown. According to Fernandez Rundle, this occurs when "the scenario shifts from criminal arrest to use-of-force inquiry."

Khalid Vaughn, 28, of New York — who had never met Crudup — pulled out his phone to record the horrific assault he was seeing.

While seen in the video, as several policemen continue to kick and beat Crudup — who was seen lying in a pool of his own blood — the gang's focus shifts to Vaughn. Vaughn is seen laughing at the police as he puts out his phone to record, before one officer, identified as Robert Sabater, attacks the innocent guy and slams him into a hotel column for filming.

Vaughn is then swarmed by the band of furious police, who kick, punch, smash him to the ground, and handcuff him. Vaughn had not violated any laws, nor was he suspected of doing so, as Crudup was.

“We believed that what he [Vaughn] was doing was legal,” Fernandez Rundle said at the news conference.

Nonetheless, his innocence provided little protection against a vicious assault that left him wounded, abducted, and imprisoned.

"I began recording it. They've already cuffed him. They pummeled him, then turned around and came at me, beating me,” Vaughn said to WPLG. “Punched me in the face with an elbow.”

Fortunately for Vaughn, the security video established his innocence, and the obstruction charges against him were dismissed, and he was freed from prison Tuesday morning.

“... I have grave concerns regarding the use of force after Mr. Crudup's arrest, particularly the amount of force used in Mr. Vaughn's subsequent arrest,” chief Clements said in the statement.

According to officer Alvaro Leon's arrest report, he administered "several right elbows blows to Mr. Vaughn's face region." Officer Robert Sabater delivered "about four right closed fist blows" to the right side of his face. Officer Steven Serrano slammed his “general head area” with numerous closed fist strikes. And Officer David Rivas used a clenched hand to strike him in the left rib region.

For use in filmmaking.

Officers who were observed assaulting Crudup were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery on Monday. Sgt. Jose Perez of the Miami Beach Police Department and officers Kevin Perez, Robert Sabater, Steven Serrano, and David Rivas were among them. The five surrendered at the Miami Beach police station.

Of course, the police union has hired a counsel for each of them and is defending their innocence.

As you view the video below, keep in mind that Crudup deserved to face consequences if he did really violate the law. He will, however, get a large compensation from taxpayers as a result of this huge gang of policemen's inability to manage their anger and brutality. Concerning the attack on Vaughn, every one of the 21 policemen who did not take part in the beating should face criminal charges for failing to interfere while seeing their fellow officers abuse a guy for exercising his right to free speech.

The link for the video:

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