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Compensation for police violence victims

The National Human Rights Commission's (NHRC) panel's recent award of N147 million in compensation to 27 victims of police brutality is a positive step toward healing and achieving justice for the victims. Additionally, it will contribute to the reduction of police violence and impunity in Nigeria. The panel's ruling, which looked into human rights breaches committed by the former Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and other police units, demonstrated that Nigerians would no longer accept cruel and humiliating treatment, notably extrajudicial executions, by security forces. Mr Anthony Ojukwu, the Commission's Executive Secretary, said clearly, "By paying victims, the NHRC seeks to alter the narrative of impunity." The commission is prepared to give redress for violations of Nigerians' rights. Wherever a breach occurs, a remedy must be instituted. The panel has embarked on a quest to restore human dignity." We concur with the allegation and praise the p

How I Was Assaulted and Extorted By Police Officers Dressed in SARS Uniforms, Notorious For Terrorizing Residents of Akwa Ibom — Recently Married Man

A recently married man claims that certain police officers wearing the branded uniforms of the infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which was abolished last year after #EndSARS demonstrations, extorted him and his trainee. According to him, this might suggest that SARS has been resurrected in Akwa Ibom State. SARS was infamous for its violence, extrajudicial executions, and violations of human rights. Mohammed Adamu, the former Inspector General of Police, announced the disbandment of the police squad on October 11, 2020, after a countrywide outcry against its violence. The guy bemoaned to SaharaReporters that he and his apprentice were allegedly extorted of N25,000 by operatives dressed in SARS uniforms at the Area Command in Ikot Ekpene. He said that he was handcuffed by police officers in the manner of a criminal while his home was searched. Bassey Nyong was recognised as the head of the squad that abused and extorted him by the service engineer. "That day was a Monday,

SARS brutality in Oke-ira Lagos Nigeria

This video is currently trending on internet and everyone is talking about it. According to report this young man in Oke-ira Lagos was stop by SARS officials who searched his bag and couldn’t find anything . Despite showing his ID the official kept on looking for something and find his two phones. They ask why he had two phones and ask him to unlock , as heard in the video, he cries out saying “he knows his right, and that they have no right to search his phone, they took his phone and ask him to come to Alagbon FCIID police station to retrieve it.  Subscribe to more videos: