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State’s Highest Court Says Cops Can No Longer Use Smell of Weed to Search or Arrest People

We've visible each male and females sodomized and raped - oftentimes in public - as cops search for this odor. "The scent of marijuana, without greater, does not provide law enforcement officers with the considered necessary possibly reason to arrest and carry out a warrantless search of that person incident to the arrest," the court stated in a unanimous ruling authored with the aid of leader decide Mary Ellen Barbera this week. The court of Appeals of Maryland, the very best-rating court docket within the country, builds on a ruling last yr - which opened with the aid of quoting Bob Dylan making a song "The instances they're a-changing'" - that police are not justified in looking a person based totally off of the scent of marijuana. The ruling got here from a case that opened up in 2016 wherein Michael Pacheco becomes searched and in the end arrested because police claimed to scent weed in his car. Though the court claimed this is not the ca