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Cops Beat Innocent, Cuffed Man With Rifles And Knees, Break His Ribs

A couple's verbal dispute over a parking lot became a nightmare after a call was made to 911 to settle it.

When police showed up, the person involved within the dispute, Antony Smith, 48, was savagely beaten by three deputies who all used their rifles to inflict serious injury.

The video reportedly saved Smith from spending decades in prison after it showed that cops were the aggressors and Smith was an innocent victim.

Smith was originally charged on four felony charges of assault on a lawman , resisting arrest/search/transport, unlawful restraint and disarming or attempting to disarm a policeman.

Once the jury reviewed the evidence, they issued a "No bill" meaning there was no evidence to support the claims by prosecutors and police in charging Smith with a criminal offense .

Despite the fees being dropped against Smith, the apparently corrupt sheriff, Greg Sanches, stood by his officers and justified their near-deadly assault.

According to Dawn Thompson, who called police on April 4, the decision was made because Smith apparently wouldn't move his truck.

The sheriff disagreed and claims that Thompson was in distress which is why officers showed up with AR-15s drawn on Smith.

This is a detail Thompson disputes and says the 911 call - she now regrets making - made no mention of distress and was all about moving a truck.

In a Facebook post, Thompson described what happened, while calling the sheriff a "Lying ass crooked cheating ass sheriff."

Greg you're about one lying ass crooked cheating ass sherif.

I made the 911 call never once said i used to be in fear just wanted him to maneuver his truck.

I have listened to the 911 call and made it clear i used to be not in fear for my life.

Your officers tried a few of times to urge me to mention i used to be once they called me posing for access code to his video system.

You are hell for leather lying to the people of Angelina county.

Bring the 911 tape and your copy of the video to TV station and that we will allow them to play both there precisely the same.

So Mr. Sanchez lets just plow ahead and convey all this to the KTRE NEWS STATION. People actually need to think before calling the sheriffs department for something cause it happens tons and other people don't really get to ascertain the reality .

" Braking his ribs after he's handcuffed and Unconscious " it's nice to ascertain you support your "Team".

As the video below shows, there's absolutely no way they will legitimately justify the utilization of force.

Smith appears to be entirely compliant as cops draw down on him with their rifles then start bashing him with their AR-15 buttstocks, which is probably going a violation of police use of force policy.

Even after they need him handcuffed and on the bottom , and, consistent with Thompson, "Unconscious," they still administered knee strikes and stomps.

On April 7, before any video footage or evidence was known, local media published his name and charges and ruined his character.

"The Angelina County Sheriff's Office arrested Antony Smith, 48, on four felony charges Saturday night - assault on a lawman , resisting arrest/search/transport, unlawful restraint and disarming or plan to disarm a policeman ," the Lufkin Daily News wrote.

Now, it's up to everyone else to share this video to inform Smith's actual story and clear his name.

According to the one that sent us the video, after the beating Smith suffered a broken nose, stitches, broken ribs and fingers, a concussion, swollen eyes, vertebrae and cervical injuries.

A petition has since been began to remove Sheriff Sanches from office over this most brutal assault and subsequent cover-up which he was so able to condone and justify.

Think about that next time you call 911 for "Help."

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