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Cop Tackles Unarmed Man, Places Him on His Back, and Shoots Him in the Back of the Head

On April 4, an unidentified officer with the Grand Rapids police department performed a traffic stop on Patrick Lyoya, 26, a Congolese refugee. Lyoya would die moments later from a gunshot wound to the back of his skull — placed there by the police officer — for committing a minor traffic infraction. Lyoya's death exemplifies how the system discriminates against the poor and minorities via exorbitant traffic fines and penalties for non-compliance. Lyoya's licence was suspended, and he was well aware that the officer who pulled him over that day would almost certainly arrest him for it. As a result, he attempted to flee. Lyoya was not permitted to go since it is a police officer's duty to abduct and imprison individuals for victimless offences such as suspended licences. Rather than that, the police increased the officer's aggression toward the unarmed, non-violent individual. The nightmare for Lyoya's two children and his parents began that tragic day, and they were

Children watch in Horror as Cops Shoot Unarmed Dad in the Back—7 Times

  An investigation is now underway after  cops  with the Kenosha  local department  opened fire on an unarmed man  ahead  of his children. That man, Jacob Blake, is now in critical condition, fighting for his life. According to authorities, police were responding to a domestic incident Sunday afternoon. How exactly Blake was involved or what happened to spark  the decision  is unclear. Video from a bystander's  telephone  captured the scene that unfolded next. As the video shows, Blake appears on the passenger's side of the vehicle as two officers pull their pistols. As he walks from the passenger's side to the driver's side, the officers follow him. When Blake gets to the driver's side, he opens the door of the vehicle and tries  to urge  in. At  now ,  one among  the officers is seen grabbing him by the t-shirt while pointing his pistol at his back, at point-blank range. The officer then puts the gun to Blake's back as he holds on to the man's T-shirt befo

School Cops Handcuff Mentally Disabled 8yo Boy, Bring Him to Adult Prison for Misbehaving

A video of an utterly disgusting display of the American police state was published by attorney Ben Crump this week showing a tiny child being frisked, handcuffed, and hauled off to an adult prison for processing. The video is from an incident that occurred at the boy's school in December 2018. Crump just released the video late Sunday night while announcing a lawsuit against the Key West Police department. Unbelievable!! Key West Police used "Scared Straight" tactics on an 8 yr old boy with special needs. He's 3.5 ft tall and 64 lbs, but they thought it was appropriate to handcuff and transport him to an adult prison for processing. This is NOT how you discipline a child with a mental disability!! We are working to get this little boy and his family the justice they deserve. The fact that the tiny child was so small the handcuffs fell off of him speaks to the nature of this incident. It is nothing short of child abuse and the officers involved need to be fired. What&