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A Sadistic Cop Is Captured on Camera Stabbing a Handcuffed Man Multiple Times With a Key

It's not the first time the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department has come under fire. The department has been implicated in almost every conceivable plan imaginable, from child sex rings to the mass murder of innocent individuals in their own homes, such as Breonna Taylor. Their flagrant disrespect for the law is obvious, which is why the next event is both startling and predictable. Officer Robert Jones of the LMPD appeared in court this week after his arrest for assaulting his girlfriend. While domestic violence among police officers is definitely notable, that is not the focus of this essay. Jones should have been jailed far sooner than he was when body camera footage captured an absolutely cruel behavior. Officer Jones' behavior was so unsettling that other cops turned him in after seeing it. Following the officer's arrest, an open records request was made for the body camera video showing Jones stabbing a handcuffed man in the ribs with a key. Jones gets arrested