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Cops Strip Search 6 Kids, Including a Toddler, After Mom Took Too Long to Buy Muffins

  In the land of the free, taking ten minutes  during a  store  to shop for  muffins is  like  robbing a bank or selling heroin. At least  that is the  way it played out when Holly Curry ran inside the Cobbler's Cafe  to shop for  her six children some muffins for breakfast and came out ten minutes later  to seek out  two cops  expecting  her. This visit from police would end with all six  of these  kids being stripped naked by police and a family's rights being severely violated. The good news is that in  a particularly  rare more, the cops who strip-searched children and threatened their mother were just denied qualified immunity. As Reason Magazine reports  in the week  , Curry sued the cop  and therefore the  caseworker, insisting that the day she was investigated for  maltreatment  ,  the 2  authorities so overstepped their bounds that  they ought to  not be afforded qualified immunity. In other words, their behavior was so egregious,  that they had  to require  responsibi