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Cop shoots fellow cop after mistaking him for a suspect during a search warrant.

In November 2019, officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and agents from the FBI's Safter Streets Task Force conducted a SWAT raid on Larry McConneyhead in the early morning hours for selling narcotics considered unlawful by the state. McConneyhead never fired a shot at any of the cops, however, agent Clarence Delano Belton Jr. was struck by three rounds.

Belton was shot multiple times — not by McConneyhead shots, but by police bullets — as a result of his trigger-happy buddies assisting him in arresting a guy for peddling narcotics. Now, Charlotte taxpayers will be held accountable.

According to police, they were serving the warrant just before 6 p.m. in November 2019 when they saw McConneyhead on his driveway, rolling out his garbage for collection. McConneyhead fled inside when he spotted the armed bunch of individuals approaching him.

According to police, when they pursued McConneyhead back to his house, he reportedly confronted them with a revolver at the door. As the conflict progressed, one of the cops in the pack discharged 14 bullets in the direction of McConneyhead. Not a single bullet struck McConneyhead; rather, many of them entered Belton's torso, since that was the officer's intended target.

"[McConneyhead] was pointing a pistol at the law enforcement team members, and one of them yelled 'gun!' as a consequence, one of the law enforcement officials was shot several times," police stated at the time.

Heather Loveridge, a now-retired CMPD officer, was the trigger-happy policeman who opened fire. Loveridge was dismissed a year after the event for the careless shooting that left Belton with several gunshot wounds.

Belton was a policeman with the City of Gastonia for over a decade before the shooting ruined his career, according to a recent lawsuit filed by Belton against the City of Charlotte and Loveridge.

According to WBTV, the complaint charges Loveridge and the City of carelessness, charging Loveridge with assault and battery, as well as violating his fourth amendment rights and inflicting emotional distress negligently.

"Loveridge is being sued in her official role according to state law for carelessness in the unlawful shooting of Belton, and the City has waived governmental immunity in connection with this claim," the complaint states.

"Alternatively, Loveridge is being sued individually under state law for assault and battery in connection with the shooting of Belton. Her actions beyond the limits of her authorised power, were deliberate, and demonstrated a purposeful and wanton disdain for Belton's rights and safety. Thus, her behaviour shattered any claim of public official immunity she would use in connection with this state law claim in her person capacity," the complaint stated.

As reported by WBTV:

According to the complaint, another task force member slammed the door open into the residence McConneyhead was in as a search warrant was being executed. Belton allegedly spotted a lady inside the home aiming a pistol at him at the time and screamed "Gun, gun" before firing one shot at the woman, according to the complaint.

Belton felt his right arm go numb, lowered his weapon, and went to the right to escape the garage, according to the complaint. According to the complaint, Belton continued to hear bullets fired and as he attempted to flee the garage, he slid and fell on the ground inside and started crawling out toward the garage's exit.

This is when the complaint says that Loveridge discharged her firearm at Belton as he attempted to escape the garage from her position in the driveway. According to the complaint, Loveridge fired at Belton as he was crawling on the ground out of the garage without a weapon.

According to the complaint, Loveridge fired her service pistol 14 times at Belton, striking him several times in the right and left arms.

According to the complaint, Loveridge continued shooting at the unarmed fellow officer on the ground until she heard someone exclaim, "he's a policeman!" Possibly the words that saved his life.

"Loveridge used disproportionate and unreasonable force against Belton without lawful cause," the complaint alleges.

Regardless of the circumstances of the case, Loveridge was never prosecuted and will very certainly retain her law enforcement credentials.

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