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Residents Call 911 to Report Human Trafficking, Cops Show Up Break Into Their Home, Taser and Arrest Them

A wild video was shared with the  Project  in the week  showing two Wilmington cops breaking into a home and tasering the occupant inside after he reportedly called police to report human trafficking in his neighborhood. The entire time, police refused  to spot  themselves  or maybe  acknowledge why they were there  in the  first place. As the video begins, the officers are seen breaking the glass to the  front entrance  before tasering the person inside. When the officers realize  they're  being filmed they demand the homeowners get off the porch. "He just tased him!"  a person  says on the video. The female officer is frantically yelling at the person inside  to urge  on  the bottom , before her colleague says, "I got nothing." He then holsters his taser and fails as he tries to kick the door in. During the struggle to enter  the house ,  the feminine  officer reaches inside to unlock the door and cuts her arm on the broken glass. She then rushes the person fi