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Residents Call 911 to Report Human Trafficking, Cops Show Up Break Into Their Home, Taser and Arrest Them

A wild video was shared with the Project in the week showing two Wilmington cops breaking into a home and tasering the occupant inside after he reportedly called police to report human trafficking in his neighborhood.

The entire time, police refused to spot themselves or maybe acknowledge why they were there in the first place.

As the video begins, the officers are seen breaking the glass to the front entrance before tasering the person inside.

When the officers realize they're being filmed they demand the homeowners get off the porch.

"He just tased him!" a person says on the video.

The female officer is frantically yelling at the person inside to urge on the bottom, before her colleague says, "I got nothing." He then holsters his taser and fails as he tries to kick the door in.

During the struggle to enter the housethe feminine officer reaches inside to unlock the door and cuts her arm on the broken glass.

She then rushes the person filming and knocks the phone from his hand within the process.

"We called you because there are f**kng prostitutes in our neighborhood and you're kicking our asses!" the person filming yells.

"Get off the porch," the male officer tells him.

"This is my porch! Get off my porch!" the person filming replies.

The man filming then asks the feminine officer for her name, who also tells him to urge off the porch.

The blood from the glass is seen on her left forearm as she yells, "Getaway, now. Getaway! don't approach me!".

"Forgive me, I'm on my porch. what is going on on? what's going on? I called you for prostitutes - what is going on on? Please tell me," the person filming asks.

He would ask that question 45 times and never once did the officer's answer.

More police units then arrive and therefore the situation moves to the road.

The man filming the incident follows the officers who appear to chase someone down about 100 years away.

As he approaches them, police apparently had enough of him filming and a female officer yells, "Put your hands behind your back now. Put them behind your back now!".

According to Port City Daily, in response to the video - and to questions of why the officers had behaved aggressively without answering the filmer's questions - WPD spokesperson Jessica Williams said the department is conscious of the video and is "Looking into the facts and circumstances of the case."

"This is that the busiest time of year for the local department, but we're doing our greatest to urge answers to you all as quickly as possible and that we understand that the general public cares about what's shown during this video," Williams said.

No other details were released on why the officers were there and why they were trying to interrupt into the house.

Records from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office prison show that an arrest was made several houses away for charges of assaulting a politician and assault.

The video was first uploaded to the Facebook page of a person named Jimmy Valimont, who appears to be the person filming.

While we do not know all the small print of the decision or the report of the "Prostitutes" within the area, residents have a right to worry about human trafficking.

A man was arrested a couple of weeks before this incident for human trafficking within the area.

Dwayne Poole Jackson is currently being held at Pender County Jail in Burgaw under a $1 million bond on charges of human trafficking.

It is the involuntary act of human trafficking that's immoral and will be stopped.


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