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Cops raid wrong domestic house, humiliate bare woman, try and hold video secret

Link for the video:

 Over the past few years, the residents of Chicago are subjected to a militarized police-state occupation. Innocent family after innocent family each awakening within the middle of the night as heavily armed storm troopers throw flashbangs into their homes, haul them outside within the cold, point guns at their heads, and even handcuff babies. These families are being terrorized in their own homes, many of them left with PTSD, and nobody is being held accountable—because the state is that the one behind the fearbecause the following case illustrates, when these terrorizing cops are caught, they are going to great lengths to cover their crimes.

Last year, Anjanette Young had just gotten home from her job as a licensed caseworker at the hospital and was getting undressed in her bedroom when she heard a loud pounding. The pounding was from the heavily armed Chicago cops outside her door, smashing it in with a ram.

“It was so traumatic to listen to the thing that was hitting the door,” Young told CBS 2, who has been covering Chicago PD’s raids on wrong homes for several years now. “And it happened so fast, I didn’t have time to place on clothes.”

Once the taxpayer-funded terrorists broke down the door, they rushed into Young’s bedroom, yelling, “Police warrant,” and “Hands up, hands up, hands up.”

Naked and terrified, Young complied with the orders because the heavily armed men humiliated her in her home, refusing to permit her to induce dressed before they handcuffed her.

“There were big guns,” Young said. “Guns with lights and scopes on them. and that they were yelling at me, you know, put your hands up, put your hands up.

“What goes on?” Young asked. “There’s nobody else here, I live alone. I mean, what's happening here? You’ve got the incorrect house. I live alone.”

The officers couldn’t have cared less about being within the wrong home and that they had to neutralize the threat posed by this innocent naked woman.

“It’s one amongst those moments where I felt I could have died that night,” she said. “Like if I'd have made one wrong move, it felt like they'd have shot me. I actually believe they might have shot me.”

Young repeatedly told the officers that they were within the wrong home, but they didn’t care. Throughout the course of the unlawful raid, Young told her captors a complete of 43 times that they'd the incorrect home.

“Who are you looking for?” Young asked.

“I’ve been living here for four years and no-one lives here but me,” she yelled.

“I’m telling you this is often wrong,” Young continued. “I don't have anything to try to to with whoever this person is you're searching for.”

“OK, OK, you don’t shout,” the sergeant said.

“I don’t shout?” Young yelled. “This is f**king ridiculous. You’ve got me in handcuffs. I’m naked, and you kicked my house in. I keep telling you, you’ve got the incorrect place.”

CBS 2 discovered that an informant had made up an address and given it to police. Police then took the word of this informant and dole out the raid without first verifying who lived at the address. As CBS 2 reports:

Despite no evidence within the complaint that police made efforts to independently verify the informant’s tip, like conducting any surveillance or additional checks pro re nata by policy, the warrant was approved by an assistant state’s attorney and a judge.

But CBS 2 quickly found, through police and court records, the informant gave police the incorrect address. The 23-year-old suspect police were searching for actually lived within the unit not far away from Young at the time of the raid and had no connection to her.

Adding to the shocking level of incompetence is that the proven fact that police could have easily tracked the person they wanted — because he was wearing an ankle monitor at the time.

Police then waged a campaign of secrecy and refused to release any information.

When Young attempted to get the body camera footage through a Freedom of knowledge Act request, she was denied. CBS 2 was also denied.

“I desire they didn’t want us to possess this video because they knew how bad it had been,” Young said. “They knew they'd done something wrong. They knew that the way they treated me wasn't right.”

Young’s lawyer eventually obtained the video as a part of her lawsuit but the town still attempted to dam it. consistent with CBS 2, hours before the TV version of this report broadcast, the city’s lawyers attempted to prevent them from airing the video by filing an emergency motion in court.

Obviously, they were unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, despite this blatant violation captured on camera, nobody will likely be held accountable as this is often not the primary time incidents like this have happened. We have documented a minimum of a dozen raids by Chicago police in mere the last year that were allotted on innocent families. In spite of taxpayers dispensing millions in lawsuit settlements, the CPD seems unconcerned with correcting themselves — proving they're accountable to nobody.

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