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Handcuffed man in hospital bed is beaten and strangled for over a minute by an officer

John Coleman suffers from  mental disease  and on the night of October 30, 2019, he was having a breakdown and was in need of help. He  wasn't  violent and willingly  visited  the hospital. However,  the very fact  that he was innocent and in need of medical help  didn't  stop Officer Tyron Andrepont from  finishing up  a sadistic act of torture which was subsequently captured on video. The incident began around 11:30 p.m. After Coleman’s parents  required  an ambulance to bring their son to the hospital  to induce  help. When police and paramedics arrived, body camera footage shows Coleman was timid but non-threatening and compliant. “He’s mental. He has been in crisis  for 3  days,” John’s mother, Flora Coleman said, adding that her then 20-year-old son Jonah had seen his psychiatrist days before and had been taking all of his medication. “He was  terrified of  everything,” she told KATC in an interview . “Even the shower, he was  terrified of  the water.” Flora  will be  hea