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Cops assault an unarmed Lieutenant and threaten to charge him if he complains about being beaten.

Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario was on his way home from a long day of work at his duty station last December when he was targeted by some very bad apples for revenue collection. Windsor police officers Daniel Crocker and Joe Gutierrez falsely accused Nazario of having no license plate and then targeted him for a traffic stop. Nazario had just purchased the vehicle and the temporary plate was clearly visible in the back window of Nazario's SUV. Police beat down Nazario, made references to executing him (riding the lightning), and pepper-sprayed him without reason. The officers told Nazario that if he complained about the way they treated him, they would bring charges against him. "This is racism. It's about police dominance and humiliation of a black man because he asked questions and 'didn't comply,'" political figure and activist Julian Castro said of the treatment of the US Army soldier by police. The officers then told him that they had pulled him over