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Innocent Elderly Woman Pulled Over for No Reason as Cops Steal Her Life Savings, Prescription Medicine and Mock Her


Jeanetta Jones, 62, had done no wrong, committed no crime, and was merely travelling home in December 2021 when she was targeted by cops from Jefferson County's infamously corrupt Brookside Police Department. By the conclusion of the hour-long halt, Jones would have lost her life savings, her medication would have been taken, and she would have been publicly humiliated by those claiming to safeguard society.

For decades, the federal government and its law enforcement collaborators have been committing vast thefts of the population via the use of civil asset forfeiture (CAF).

Although the 1980's legislation was intended to drain resources from major criminal groups, CAF has evolved into a weapon used by police enforcement agencies around the United States to take money and property from innocent individuals.

As seen in Jones' case, cunning police agencies would utilise this "tool" to prey on elderly, defenseless ladies in order to "legally" rob them on the side of the road. Meanwhile, these state operatives believe they are the good people.

Jones was driving home just after 2 p.m. on the day she was stopped when, according to her new complaint, authorities pulled her over for no reason. When Jones inquired as to why the cops pulled her over, they stated that they could pull over anybody they pleased.

In the following hour, cops would conduct a fishing trip in search of Jones's goods. Police discovered $5,000 in cash in Jones' car during an unlawful search-money she said was her life savings. Additionally, they would locate her prescribed medication.

Jones would be robbed of her life savings and the prescription medication she required for pain at the conclusion of the unlawful search and seizure. When she pleaded with the authorities for the restoration of her things, they mocked the old lady.

"She sought reimbursement for her funds and drugs," the complaint said. They also refused to return and mocked her, saying she could do anything they pleased.

When one examines the Brookside police department's history, the Jones case is just one of many, and their attitudes during her stop indicate just why.

According to, this is the 13th lawsuit brought against Brookside and its police force – or one for every 96 people in the teeny-tiny hamlet in north Jefferson County. It asserts that Jones was wrongfully detained and imprisoned and that her Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights were infringed. It demands redress. The culprits let her go after she was robbed on the highway, and she was not charged with a crime.

They did not provide her with a receipt. They made no arrests in connection with it. They just grabbed it, "Jones' attorney, Roger Appell, said. As they were departing with her money and prescription medication, she inquired as to why they were doing this to her. Why are you torturing me? And they glanced at her and answered, "Due to the fact that we can."

"That seemed to be nothing more than a shakedown," Jones said of the traffic encounter.

Jones attempted to reclaim her property for weeks, contacting the department, Brookside Mayor Mike Bryan, and former Chief Mike Jones. And, according to the complaint, her calls fell on deaf ears for weeks. After four months of being ignored, Jones filed a legal claim against the robbers.

The fact that the Brookside police department is famed for its corruption, and Jones' case is only one of many, exemplifies the issue inside the agency and town officials.

The Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts published an audit of the town, its police department, and municipal court last week, as reported. That audit highlights a number of issues, including disorganized evidence storage, missing firearms, unexplained firearms, a garbage bag loaded with prescription medications, undocumented cash, and inappropriate accounting practices.

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