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Police Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back, Kill Him, Claim the Ink Pen He Was Holding was Deadly

  For the last three years, the family of Tommy Le, 20, has been fighting  to carry  the King County Sheriff's Office  in charge of  the death of their son. After fighting an uphill battle,  they're  finally shedding some light on their son's case and exposing the corruption within the sheriff's department over how they justified his murder for holding a pen. In June of 2017, Le was experiencing a  psychological state  crisis. Neighbors called police to report his behavior and moments after cops showed up, Le would have two bullet holes in his back and one in his hand, lying dead on  the bottom . An independent report commissioned by the Office of  enforcement  Oversight found a slew of flaws  within the  way the King County Sheriff's department "Investigated" themselves. For starters, the report  did not  mention that Le was "Likely  deed  from the deputy at the time the bullets struck him" and posed zero threat to anyone. "Most significant