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Video Reportedly indicates Jonathan price Greet Officer With a Handshake earlier than Being Killed

 The tragic case of Jonathan Price stunned the country earlier this week after the local hero turned into gunned down for reportedly assisting a female in want. Including the tragic nature of his death, on Thursday, we observed out that earlier than he became shot four times, body digicam footage confirmed that he attempted to shake Officer Shaun Lucas’ hand in more than one instance.

CBS eleven launched the details of a likely reason affidavit they received from Lucas’ arrest. The officer’s frame camera footage reportedly captured price greeting the officer with a handshake before being gunned down.

In line with the affidavit, Lucas becomes responding to the name of “viable combat in development” at a ‘Kwik Chek’ convenience save round 8:30 p.m. On Saturday, October 3. Texas Ranger Laura Simmons, who prepared the affidavit, cited that what came about next gave the branch justification for charging the cop with homicide.

The affidavit notes that when officer Lucas exited his patrol automobile, the fee did not try to flee nor did he pose any chance in any respect to the officer. Instead, the fee greeted the officer. Consistent with the affidavit, rate “got here very close to Officer Lucas asking ‘you doing exact’ more than one times while extending his hand in a handshake gesture.”

Simmons says charge apologized for broken glass at the ground and said someone had attempted to “wrap me up,” all through the altercation wherein fee reportedly attempted to interrupt up a domestic dispute.

As CBS 11 reports:

The affidavit then details how Officer Lucas believed charge become inebriated and attempted to detain him, by grabbing his fingers and the use of verbal instructions. Simmons says price spoke back, “I can’t be detained.”

Officer Lucas then pulled out his taser and warned the fee to comply. In step with the affidavit, fee answered by way of on foot away. It turned into then that Lucas fired his taser, which Simmons noted became “not absolutely powerful”.

Price, she wrote, then walked in the direction of the officer “performing to reach out and grasp the cease of Officer Lucas’ taser.” Lucas then fired his gun four times, hitting rate inside the higher torso.

Because fee had no longer committed against the law, he must be loose to move but he changed into no longer allowed. Whilst his nicely being changed into threatened via the officer, he clearly acted to guard himself and became killed for it. The video of the interaction, bodily proof, and witness testimony led the Texas Rangers to decide that Officer Lucas “intentionally and knowingly brought on the death of fee.”

It's miles crucial to point out that the expenses towards Lucas had been introduced no matter the truth that the affidavit does now not point out the scenario as instructed by eyewitnesses that fee changed into helping a woman out of a domestic violence situation.

The police union appointed legal professional for Lucas denies the officer did something incorrectly and issued a declaration this week announcing in element, “Officer Lucas most effectively discharged his weapon in accordance with Texas regulation while he became confronted with an aggressive assailant who was trying to take his taser.”

If greeting an officer and well asking to shake their hand makes you a “competitive assailant” within the eyes of the police, the citizens of Texas should take excessive caution when handling law enforcement officials.

As the PBWW website suggested, Lucas, 22, was booked into the quest County prison on Monday night, the Texas Rangers said in an announcement launched by means of the Texas branch of Public safety. Prison data display bail became set at $1 million.

Check the video link:

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