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A Short History of the Slave Trade in Nigeria

  Unknown to us, most Africans, especially West Africans are  affected by  what's  called Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Until first, the Trans-Saharan  slave traffic , then the Trans-Atlantic  slave traffic , the exchange of humans was "Benign". The Arab  slave traffic  started  within the  8th century AD very likely because Islam prohibits Muslims from enslaving  one another . While the Arabs' slaves could adopt Islam and their kids  a minimum of  wouldn't  be slaves, in Europe/America  it had been  different. In 1517, a Catholic Bishop, Bartolome de las Casas, wrote and suggested  the utilization  of slaves from Africa, because  consistent with  him, Africans were stronger, less likely to rebel, and  most significantly , shared  an equivalent disease  as Europeans, so were unlikely to fall sick and die. Bishop de las Casas's suggestion was well-received, so off some people  visited to  get them some slaves, and  in fact,  they saw some Delta youths willing