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Good Cop Forced Out for Exposing Corruption Says Fellow Cop Put Gun to His Head to Scare Him

In 2015, the loose concept challenge delivered you the extraordinary story of the whistleblower Chicago Police officer, Shannon Spalding who became retaliated towards by means of her fellow law enforcement officials for exposing corruption. But, being true police officers got them threatened with “going domestic in a casket.” for the reason that then, we have suggested on limitless similar incidents in which suitable cops are forced out for trying to live suitable law enforcement officials. Despite understanding it would wreck his career, Redwood city Police officer Ryan Adler ought to now not stay silent approximately the atrocities he witnessed devoted with the aid of his fellow officers inside the Redwood metropolis Police branch. Adler noted a chilling instance of this “shunning” while he called out a fellow officer who might talk about colleagues being “thrifty,” and then referred to as the “F–ing Jews.” Adler talked about every other example wherein sadistic law enforcem