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On the same day as Rittenhouse, a melanated man who shot at cops was acquitted for self-defence, media silent

Last Friday, the internet and streets exploded in both outrage and delight after Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal on all counts by a jury of his peers. The jury ruled that Rittenhouse was justified in murdering two persons and injuring another in self-defence. This was the inevitable conclusion for those who saw the trial, but some are still hell-bent on labelling him a hero or a monster, while in truth, he is neither. Self-defence is a natural response. It is noble to act in defence of others. While corporate media vultures scoured the Rittenhouse trial for every divisive fleck they could find in order to keep society at loggerheads, they conveniently disregarded another trial in which the same guy acted heroically. Andrew Coffee IV tried to defend his life and that of his girlfriend by shooting at numerous house intruders who burst through his bedroom window in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, Coffee was unable to save his lover, Alteria Woods, who was shot 10 times by the hou

If Rittenhouse is acquitted, Marvin Guy should be released from his pre-trial detention.

Every individual in the land of the free is deemed innocent unless proved guilty in a court of law. Unfortunately, this provision is often suspended for many people who languish in prison for years awaiting trial or, as was the case with Kyle Rittenhouse, are considered guilty by the media and political opponents, diminishing their prospects of a fair trial. Once Kyle Rittenhouse's case reached the jury, and one of the witnesses who was shot by Rittenhouse testified that Rittenhouse did not shoot him until he aimed the pistol at Rittenhouse, the prosecution's case started to unravel. Additionally, the nation discovered that the FBI surreptitiously flies drones over demonstrations and captures everything we do – like Joseph Rosenbaum pursuing and assaulting a fleeing Rittenhouse before being shot. The exonerating force of this completely Orwellian film proved to be the last nail in the prosecution's coffin, and Rittenhouse was acquitted of all counts on Friday. Though many i