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Armed Residents Confront COVID-19 Testing Teams Conducting Random Door to Door Blood Tests

 In states across the united states, health departments are launching COVID-19 antibody testing surveys. The stated purpose of these surveys is to better understand how many humans in the area have formerly had COVID-19. As part of the projects, groups of fitness officers, paramedics, or even individuals of fire departments are being dispatched throughout towns national and going to random houses. When they visit a random domestic, they ask the resident to reply to some survey questions and provide a blood pattern. That is to decide the number of human beings who have been inflamed in the beyond. In Minnesota, checks like the one stated above are also taking area. Health officials are carrying out random testing of households in a hundred and eighty groups throughout Minnesota as part of a survey to higher apprehend the unfold of COVID-19. Minnesota looks at, just like the ones being done in different cities, is being completed with the help of the federal facilities for disorder manag